Lava Death Song

by Bonecage and Mr. Gee

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Loving sun has kissed your face
Open eyes and greet the day
Now accomplish anything
It's time to make your dreams come true

Thoughts are always on the dream
Scale the mountain made of steam
And molten rock and ancient things
Today is when you make it happen

Climbing to the top you go
Filling up with life and hope
Forgetting all the things you know
Replace them with a new sense of wonder now

Reach the edge and peer inside
Overcome by love and pride
Blinded by the moment's eye
You stumble on a stupid rock

Down you fall into the flame
At least there won't be lots of pain
Quickly sink and end the game
At least that's what you've always heard but

TV, Movies, and the news
Have always told a lie to you
Now you know the brutal truth
Your density is less than lava now

What that means is when you hit
The surface you'll be quickly lit
On fire where you'll slowly burn
Screaming as you beg the maker

Skin and hair and eyes and face
Melting as you writhe in pain
Surely now your death will come
Nope the agony continues

Your body jumps and pops and rolls
Oozing from its many holes
Fluid quickly turned to steam
The Leidenfrost effect (that's science now!)

Finally the end is nigh
But one last thought before you die
Molten rock is such a curse cause
Lava death was so much worse
Than anything you ever saw in movies


released July 1, 2016




Bonecage Austin, Texas

The man, the myth, the legend... I write songs about my grandma, homemade vaginas and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

Weird Al Yankovic, Jonathan Coulton, Tenacious D... probably all better than me BUT, if you like that style, you might just love me.

My songs encompasses a range of genres from Pop-Punk to Motown to Adult Contemporary. A little something for everyone, and it's all ridiculous.
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