Stormborn / Loves Dragons

by Bonecage

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Well the time has come again to fall deeply into obsession with Game of Thrones. Much like winter, the season premiere is coming, so to celebrate, here is a Cake parody of "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" about Daenerys Targaryen. Makes sense!


I want a girl with a eye for adventure
I want a girl who plays the game
I want a girl who escaped her exile
And she's carrying on the Targaryen name

I want a girl who's a capable ruler
She is fair and loving but doesn't take grief
She is vanqishing her foes
And eating a horse heart
She is causing a stir when she arrives on the scene

I want a girl who is Stormborn
And she loves Dragons

I want a girl who speaks Dothraki
I want a girl who walks through flames
I want a girl with an eye for justice
Who uses Unsullied to free all the slaves

With golden hair like the sands of Qarth
And a soul that is pure like dragonglass
She is strong, driven, and oozing with class
She is taking some names and kicking some ass

I want a girl who is Stormborn
And she loves Dragons

I want a girl with the eye of a tiger
I want a girl who is noone's fool
In Meereen we will meet accidentally
I'll swear my life to her ultimate rule

She's taking back what is hers by birthright
She wants a seat on the iron throne
She is changing her name from Daenerys to Dany
She's acquiring ships and building an army

I want a girl who is Stormborn
And she loves Dragons


released July 22, 2015




Bonecage Austin, Texas

The man, the myth, the legend... I write songs about my grandma, homemade vaginas and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

Weird Al Yankovic, Jonathan Coulton, Tenacious D... probably all better than me BUT, if you like that style, you might just love me.

My songs encompasses a range of genres from Pop-Punk to Motown to Adult Contemporary. A little something for everyone, and it's all ridiculous.
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